Blogging About ERISA – Carnival #16

This week in the Employee Benefits world:

Michael Hoes of the ERISA Class Action Watch discusses Miscellaneous 401(k) Fee Updates.

Broc Romanek of the Blog posts about Clawbacks and Careful Drafting, discussing a recent court decision about a corporation seeking return of compensation paid under a non-ERISA stock equity plan.

Barry Barnett of the Blawgletter provides Third Circuit Okays ERISA Dismissal.

Roy F. Harmon III of the Health Plan Law blog discusses the recent 10th Circuit Opinion in Tenth Circuit Adopts Rule of Contra Proferentem on De Novo Review.

Stephen Rosenberg of the Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog provides Reinsurance and LaRue, All in the Same Post.

Mitchell H. Rubenstein of the Adjunct Law Prof Blog discusses Disability Plan not a Welfare Plan Notwithstanding the Fact that Employer Referred to This Plan as an ERISA Plan in its Summary Plan Description.

Ross Runkel of Ross’ Employment Law Blog provides Supreme Court Denies Motion to Dismiss ERISA Case.

Paul M. Secunda of the Workplace Prof Blog discusses Motion to Dismiss in LaRue ERISA Case Denied.

Aaron Juckett of The One-Stop ESOP Blog discusses a recent study of 5500 data in ESOP Participants Receive a Much Larger Benefit.

Brian S. King of Brian King’s ERISA Blog discusses the recent 7th Circuit opinion on the difference in disabled for any occupation and disabled for own occupation in Fight in the Seventh Circuit!

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