Governor of Massachusetts Signs Open Multiple Employer Plan Bill

Update: Gov. Patrick signed the bill into law this afternoon. Pictures of the Govenor signing the bill are posted here.

At 2:30pm ET today, the Governor of Massachusetts is scheduled to sign H.3754 in room 360 of the Massachusetts State House. H.3754 permits the Treasurer of Massachusetts to create an open multiple employer plan (open MEP) for non-profit organizations.

I did a quick check of Form 990s filed with the IRS, and found Massachusetts currently has 55,517 non-profits. Form 990 is the information return submitted annually to the IRS by non-profit organizations. Narrowing the search down to non-profit organizations with more than $100,000 in income last year found 12,546 organizations. If even a small percentage of these organizations join the open multiple employer plan created by H.3754, they will create one of the largest open MEPs in the country.

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