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A Little Tax Day Humor

april 15

tax day

Found this gem in the 2013 Form 1040 Instructions for Line 6c – Dependents:

“A qualifying child is a child who is…under age 19 at the end of 2013 and younger than you

    - page 17 of 207

Even though it should be, the page reference is not a typo – the Instructions for Form 1040 are 207 pages long this year, and they do not include the Instructions for various Forms and Schedules which a taxpayer may be required to file along with their Form 1040.

401(k) Quote of the Day

Falling Dow Jones “I’ve been dropping the F-bomb
every time I look at the Dow or my 401(k) statement!”

- April Thomas,,
Oh, @#$%! Don’t Drop an F-Bomb in This Town, June 12, 2012

401(k) Quote of the Day

sand castle
“With recent stock market gyrations, my 401K is like the tide -
money comes in, money goes out.”

- The Buzz, Charlotte Observer, June 4, 2012

401(k) Quote of the Day

“I didn’t choose a profession where I have no 401K or a salary less than the state or national average because I am a nice person.

- Rachel L. Nobel, “Why I Work for a Nonprofit“, Bangor Daily News, May 20, 2012.

401(k) Quote of the Day

1930s couple
“We still haven’t vested in our 401(k)s because vesting sounded like something Rick Santorum would do.”

    - Alexandra Petri, Obama, Jimmy Fallon and the Race for Cool, Washington Post, April 25, 2012.

401(k) Quote of the Day

The Onion Chicago

“One man’s trash is my 401k and full dental.”

Said by Josh Nalven, upon learning that 11 out of 16 full-time employees of The Onion are refusing to relocate from New York City to Chicago.

Mr. Nalven was quoted by Caroline O’Donovan in the article – Onion Staff Reluctant to Shed New York State of Mind – published in the Chicagoist.

No word on whether Onion, Inc. Savings & Retirement Plan contains a geographic exclusion for employees assigned to the Chicago office.